Announcing the launch of our new teaching jobs vacancies webpage!

Great news, we have launched a new teaching jobs vacancies page on our Teaching Matters website, as a free value-added service to clients of FE Associates. We created this webpage as a way of thanking our clients for their ongoing custom and support. 


The new teaching jobs vacancies webpage is a free advertising platform that allows our clients to source bettered suited candidates in their recruitment ventures and fill their vacancy roles. Likewise, our Teaching Matters website traffic has grown by 8% week on week since it launched a few weeks ago, ultimately providing our clients with a high traffic platform to fill their teaching vacancy roles.


We spent many hours on the design of the teaching jobs vacancies page to ensure end-users had all the relevant information they needed while on their pursuit of a new teaching role. To view our new webpage, click on the link below to view our new value-added service.


Our Jobs Page


We have made it easy for existing FE Associates clients to get their jobs listed on our new teaching jobs vacancies webpage. Ask a member of your HR team to complete the proforma linked below and return it to our Marketing Manager, Jack Moriarty –


TM Job Request Details


The job will then be uploaded, and you will be notified when your vacancy has gone live on our website, simple!


We are delighted that we can provide this valued added service to our existing clients, and we look forward to promoting your teaching vacancies. 



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