FE Associates Vlog 1 – Ofsted Framework

In this first VLOG I make refence to the new Ofsted Framework (EIF) and some key changes. Pilot organisations have spoken very highly of both its look and feel, so this seems like a very positive step forward for the sector.

In my 16 years in FE I have remained a passionate believer that all students have the ingredients for success, and perhaps any barriers they may have are attributed to a lack of effective strategies and study habits. In this VLOG I refer to effective learning strategies as a way to build positive attitudes and behaviours in students (a key judgement in the EIF). I believe all students can develop strategies and habits in order to be successful, and these are a product of trial and error and a lot of practice as opposed to simple luck from the gene pool. I also believe if a strategy works for one student, then it can be modelled and shared with others who may benefit from these too. In fact, it could be the moment that unlocks their potential.

At the end of this vlog I refer to a series of questions called ‘Strategy Elicitation Questions’ which can be found on the Teaching Tips & Resources page. These questions are designed to capture strategies from highly successful students, as it can be difficult for people to articulate what they do so well. After all, when one is ‘excellent’ it requires little thought as it is so well-rehearsed.

I hope this vlog inspires you to investigate how and why some students are successful, and what strategies you can capture, model, and share in order to develop positive attitudes and behaviours in all our students.

Dan Beale