Teaching Tips & Resources

A key resource here is the ‘Strategy Elicitation Questions’ which I refer to in my fist vlog. These questions are designed to capture effective learning strategies which students utilise. This will make for an exciting project as capturing strategies will enable teachers to share these with other students, potentially being the moment, which unlocks their potential. The other key resource here is the ‘SOLO Taxonomy’. Ofsted will specifically focus on a key term ‘sequencing’. This refers to the order in which the curriculum is delivered, but also the order of events which enable students to learn a particular theory or concept, for example. This resource provides an excellent method to ensure good sequencing, and indeed, enable students to fully explain how they have learnt, and what steps they went through to get there.

In addition to this there are resources to support HOT (Higher Order Thinking) as per Bloom’s Taxonomy. This resource will support with writing effective objectives, asking great questions and planning activities to support stretch and challenge. Again, Ofsted are looking for ‘sequencing’ and Bloom’s Taxonomy is a great way to demonstrate the progress students can make through depth of understanding.

This section will continue to grow and develop with a bank of resources to support high quality teaching and learning.